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We are currently not accepting any more applications until September 2012
Please check back then.. thank you..


Before you fill out the application, please realize that we are not a club.
You will be required to train in the field of Search and Rescue.
You will need to meet the goals set by the team.

Note we are a volunteer team, your family comes first, then work, then RRSAR.
If you miss a training , we have make up classes.
If we are called out, you only report when it does not effect your work or family.
This is why we are a large team.

There are many levels in which you can serve the team based on your physical abilities.
We will be following the NASAR guidelines.

A TECH III is a person that will work the command post and not do any in field
 physical searching. Their Training is all classroom and includes:
ICS (Incident Command System), Communications, Map and Compass and First Aid.

RED ROCK SAR Technician II
A TECH II is a person that will be involved in the physical searching for a missing or lost person. They receive the same training as a Tech III as well as the following:
Search Procedures, Man Tracking, Infield Map and Compass, Rope Basics, First Aid to include Wilderness  First Aid, Communications.

In addition, we have an Advanced Team called the A-Team. This is a highly technical group that requires you to first meet the Tech II and III standards and then you may apply.

The A-Team trains with the Tech II's at our standard monthly training,
plus meets additional days for their advanced training.

 You will be required to pass a physical endurance test in order to join. This group works with ropes and trains to effect successful over the edge technical rescues.

Also, we offer a Mountain Bike Team and Quad Team.
Soon we will add a Search Dog Team... TBA

Before you fill out our application please determine the areas you wish to train.

Once you fill out the application:
1, You will be notified within a week to ten days of a orientation date.
2, After the orientation you will sign up for an Oral Interview
3, You will be notified within 48 hrs the results of the interview
4, After passing the simple interview you will then be required to
study and take an ICS 100b and 200b test online.
5, Once you have taken the ICS Test and Passed you
will be added to the team and start your training.

ICS 100 Link

ICS 200 Link

Notice you will be required to take a criminal and sexual background check.

Our Current Training Class is full, follow the link below and fill out the form to be notified when we start taking applications again.

Link to Form